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First started when I was learning from Bottega Tech, and then continued with MicroSoft Certifications. As I gained experience from building apps and gained clients, I named my business clear web designs. The name derived from the thought that it was clear that I can offer a service, it is clear what people needed, and it was clear that people need online business to stay in the game.

Making code fast and most times overnight, I offered quick turn-arounds on apps and for low cost as well. My online recognition and trust is growing with people from all over. It is my belief that if you take care of one person or company, the rest will fall into place. I go about a process to help people with online business, and every step includes communication.

While I cannot garuantee your results or that you will be successful, I can make you found on engine search results. After I put you in the front lines it is up to you what you do. I can just build a site for you and then hand it off or I can build the site and offer monthly service that includes maintenance, security, messaging, and updating.