About CWD

Stephen Brooks served in the Military for 17 years in a few different branches. Upon getting out, he had switched over to coding. He learned from Bottega University's course program, earning him a certificate in full stack web development. He resides in Lawton Oklahoma, where he is also a member of the VFW, POST 5263.

Founder of CWD

The Process

Just like anything and everything, there's a process to it. I make it as easy for you as possible. It's not difficult at all, but most people have asked me in the past about our process, how long it takes, how much will it cost, etc. So, to eliminate any confusion, I made a time-line example of our process.


1) Meeting Up
We get together for covering business needs and the end goal.

2) Development
We build the website with your vision in mind, occasionally reaching out.

3) Stepping Back
We take a step back with you to see the process and what you like or dislike.

4) Reconfiguration
We take all notes for any changes needed and things to be added at your discretion.

5) Deployment
We deploy your website to our server and get your domain set. We highly recommend letting us setting the domain, which can be done in the beginning too.

6) Marketing
We look at all tools necessary to get you found. At least one or two things can be done no sooner than a week before launch. Now that you have a website, let's get you noticed.